The most popular home features of 2022

While the primary function of sites like is to search for a new place to buy or rent, many visitors simply come to browse.

Our advanced search allows you to put in key features that might be important to you. This can range from the simplest of requests such as parking, having a garden or a home office but quite often these searches go a little more in-depth.

Indeed, furniture, gardens, kitchens and garages were amongst the most popular keyword searches on the site this year.

Throughout 2022 we’ve noticed that more and more are searching for specific items as they look for inspiration for their homes. This can range from sofa beds, to coffee tables, outdoor furniture to TV stands.

We always try to look at the aspirational element on and throughout the year we’ve featured weekly blogs that highlights properties on sale at that time with some unique features.

As we wrap up the year, we’ve decided to look back on six features we’ve ran throughout the year featuring popular keywords.

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