Pacaso Teams Up With Surf Air for a Luxe New Rideshare Service

First, Pacaso made purchasing a second home easier through its tech-enabled real estate co-ownership model. Now it hopes to make owners travel to these second homes more efficient through its new partnership with regional semi-private regional aviation company Surf Air and Alto, which offers elevated on-demand ridesharing. 

Pacaso, founded by dotloop founder Austin Allison and former Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, purchases luxury homes and sells ⅛ to ½ ownership through a wholly managed LLC co-ownership model. This means that you—alongside others—can enjoy the benefits of a multi-million-dollar home without paying the full price, and Pacaso has professional property management, a smart scheduling system and even handles the finance and billing to make your co-ownership experience fairly seamless. They operate homes in several markets including Florida, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming, as well as several cities in Spain. 

Pacaso has homes in more than 35 markets.

The company’s recent partnership with Surf Air proves just how serious they are about providing a totally seamless, efficient and turnkey experience for customers from tarmac to front door. All homeowners will receive a six-month Alto membership, which helps them lock in priority members-only times—just in time for the holidays—and save up to 30 percent on every ride and receive perks and rewards. With Surf Air, members will receive special perks when they book a seat on one of the semi-private charter flights. Surf Air has scheduled flight networks  throughout California, one of Pacaso’s biggest markets, but also throughout the US. You can either book a seat for a semi-private experience on the scheduled flights or charter a fully private flight wherever you wish in the U.S. with guaranteed availability, no blackout dates and no initiation fee. 

Properties like this Lake Tahoe cabin are exceptionally cozy during the holiday season.

“When our owners are heading to their Pacaso second home, we want them to have a turnkey and headache-free experience from door to door,” CEO Austin Allison tells Robb Report. “Alto and Surf Air offer elevated, easy, and dependable transportations options that allow our owners to maximize their time enjoying their second home and the local communities.” 

Especially around the holidays when airports get quite crazy, Surf Air—as with any private aviation experience—can significantly shorten the duration of your travel time, allowing you to spend more time with loved ones. Surf Air has also committed to a greener private aviation experience by investing in electric smaller aircraft for short-haul flights. 

Alto offers elevated ridesharing services via an app, and Pacaso owners receive special membership perks.

“At Pacaso, we handle everything from maintenance to luxury interior design so that owners get to own and enjoy amazing real estate for a much lower cost and with none of the hassles,” Allison says. “Surf Air has a similar approach to air travel, offering a more sustainable option than competitors and an easy arrive-and-fly process that saves members time. Their convenient regional service also gives more transportation options to owners who are flying to many of the popular Pacaso destinations like Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara and the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.”

A second home is especially valuable during the holiday season and through Pacaso’s management system, co-owners pre-set the dates they’ll be traveling when they first purchase their portion of the home so owners never have to worry about double-booking on peak weekends, like Thanksgiving or festive season. 

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