Paradero’s First Branded Residences Are Coming to Todos Santos Next Year

Paradero Todos Santos is expanding its hospitality footprint. The eco-minded Baja California resort just unveiled a set of branded residences that will offer the privacy of your very own home away from home with all the perks of a luxury boutique hotel.  

In addition to its 41 existing hotel suites, there will be 24 lavish residences that are slated to launch in summer 2024. The new accommodations will be largely geared towards family trips or group travel and will range from one- to three-bedroom homes, so there’s plenty of space to spread out.

The units will be open for guest bookings, which means they’re not available to purchase like a typical branded residence. Instead, they’ll be available like a hotel, with a minimum two-night stay. Nightly rates have yet to be announced, but given their size and flexibility to host larger groups, expect them to run more than a typical suite at the hotel, where high-season rates start at around $600 per night.

Each Brutalist-style residence will be decked out with a fully equipped kitchen that sports a traditional lava rock Oaxacan oven. Plus, all the homes will feature rooftop terraces (hot tub included!), star-gazing nets, and private pools on the ground floor. Residence guests will also be able to take part in an exclusive offering dubbed “the learning table,” which will include chef-run cooking classes and tastings for the entire group.  

Paradero originally opened its doors on the Baja California Sur peninsula in Mexico in February 2021 and was founded by Pablo Carmona and Joshua Kremer. The property prides itself on preserving the desert landscape that surrounds it, and the wellness-focused, design-forward retreat allows guests to take part in everything from guided hikes to surfing lessons, yoga, farming tutorials, and curated catamaran sailings around the Sea of Cortez.

Also making its debut next year will be Cosimo, the residence’s on-site Italian restaurant. The eatery, which is currently in the works, is said to be inspired by Puglia and Sicily and will highlight local produce and purveyors. Other additions to the five-acre property include state-of-the-art facilities geared towards younger children and teens alike, which will offer activities such as skating and bouldering. 

“This new development represents a meaningful expansion of the existing Paradero Todos Santos brand and will usher in a new era of family-oriented travel through never-before-seen comfort for large groups traveling together,” the resort said in a press statement. 

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